The private security industry as a whole is expected to have an annual growth rate of 10% in the next few years. Surveillance is an important growing sector of the security industry. The proliferation of inexpensive high quality cameras has increased the use of surveillance, but also increased the demand for and on security personnel.

More cameras require more eyeballs and brains. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms can and will alleviate much of this human resource bottleneck. Moving into the near future, generative AI and other machine learning paradigms will increasingly be applied to video scene recognition to allow for computer aided surveillance, as well as fully automated surveillance systems. These systems will perform threat assessment, including database integrated biometric recognition of known good and bad actors.

Even as cameras have become increasingly inexpensive and robust, the use of drones for mobile security surveillance is becoming an essential component of all modern security measures. Drones provide the ability to surveil larger areas, avoid predictability, and allow for real-time responsiveness and tracking.

CSpace Robotics intends to position itself to both exploit these emerging technologies and become a leader in their development. Additionally, along with being responsive to the demand for new and improved machine vision/recognition systems, CSpace intends to be on the cutting edge of user interface technology, incorporating the latest natural language generative AI technologies into its drone control systems. This will allow greater and better autonomy for drone surveillance fleets in the near future.

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