At the core of our business lies strong leadership, sci-tech and manufacturing experience, plus, a strong belief in bringing US tech manufacturing home to America.  We gave it away. But now has come a renaissance for small scale robotics manufacturing with efficient and down the cost scale materials and fabrication methods. Let’s all cheer for science and technology!

The CSpaceRobotics Team
Jeff Chaskin – CEO/COO

Jeff Chaskin – CEO/COO is an experienced technology entrepreneur, developer, and integrator with an early career building bio-telemetry systems for NASA’s Ames Research center.  Mr. Chaskin’s patents in battery technology led to his founding of Fusion Batteries which provided battery packs  to JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) as well as the unmanned remote controlled vehicle sectors. Mr. Chaskin was Co-Founder, COO, and President, of Ursus Telecom, manufacturing and providing switches for trans-ocean cable and other large scale fiber optic transmission systems.  Mr. Chaskin took Ursus from inception to successful exit in an underwritten NASDAQ IPO.  He has had, to date, 3 successful venture exits in the technology sector.

Peter Hubshman – CFO/CMO

Peter Hubshman is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with roots in the private equity finance sector.  Mr. Hubshman has worked with diverse manufacturing businesses in aerospace components, microwave popcorn bags, injection molded packaging, and clothing manufacturing. He has also worked with notable SaaS products, telecom services, collaborative consumption and e-commerce platforms. As a management consultant in strategy and finance for startups, some notable recent clients include TheDroneRacingLeague (e-sports with first person view UAVs) for their successful C-round in 2019, and Gemic (innovative brand strategy consulting) for their successful A-round in 2021. He is currently a founder at 3 early stage startups: CSpaceRobotics (this company), Web3Enabler (an integrated blockchain app on salesforce); and, FormalFoundry (building guide-rails and auditing tools for use with generative AI models.)

Jim Hubshman – CTO

Jim Hubshman – CTO is an electrical engineer and computer scientist and expert in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning. Most of his technical career has been in developing next-gen naval and intelligence systems for the Navy and the National Security Agency (NSA). The work is classified but may be discussed generally as replacement of optical periscopes for the Virginia Class of nuclear submarines with video computer vision systems; design and development of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs); design of controls, displays, and monitoring systems; and image and text analysis systems for the NSA. Mr. Hubshman also has experience managing engineers in CAD/CAM for aerospace manufacturing with large scale CNC machines.

Alexander Chaskin – VP Engineering

Alexander Chaskin – VP Engineering is an engineer with over a decade of hands-on experience.  Mr. Chaskin has been working on professional electrical engineering projects since well before high school. He is credited with co-designing battery patents with his father, Jeff, and often interned after school at the Fusion battery plant.  Their early contract with JPL (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) sparked in him a passion for aerospace and spaceflight technologies.  He has since tailored his education toward space applications and technology, and is currently an aerospace engineering student at Embry-Riddle University. Alexander is an avid amateur rocketeer, and has  experience testing, operating, and building drones.

Our pledge: We build this now so the future of our local and national communities will be more secure. It’s our mission to establish manufacturing and innovation centers to serve-up awesome and affordable intelligent robotics, and, to always be near to where great ideas are known to be born.

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